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Drum Mount System
FlexSpray's Drum Mount units are mountable lubrication systems that allow you to utilize those big and awkward drums of fluid that are constantly in the way. Set the drum mount unit on top of a 55 gallon or 30 gallon drum and clamp it down. When the drum is empty just bring in another, remount the unit and you have another 30 to 55 gallons of fluid to operate with.

No more filling the reservoir at the start of every shift. No more working around the very drums that are used to refill undersized reservoirs typically found on smaller lubricator models.

Key benefits: 

  • Configure from 1 to 12 standard or micro lubricator pumps.
  • Drum mount can be equipped with 6 high viscosity lubricating pumps for more viscous fluids.
  • Automate with a repeat timer, digital counter, or one of the many electrical options offered by FlexSpray.
  • Drum mount brackets are constructed of solid steel and include very durable mounting clamps for years of use.

Manifold & Drum Mount 

Manifold Mount System
Available with 1 to 6 individual volume control pumps.

Designed for single and multiple point applications where smaller amounts of lubricant are required.

Manifold is supplied by a central supply system.