3-Way Selector Switch

FlexSpray® offers a Wide Variety of Spray Assemblies Designed for Quick Set Up

Foot Control with 20' Cord and Magnetic Base Limit Switch

Magnetic Base Nozzle Block

Programmable Timers Allow Multiple Sprays Per Cycle of Press

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  • Flexspray Units that are in need of repair can be shipped directly to our facility for a free complete and thorough evaluation.
  • Upon evaluation, Flexspray will promptly generate an estimate for your approval.           
  • If the estimate is not suitable, we will return the system at your expense.
  • Customers who have taken advantage of the program have expressed total satisfaction with the results.
  • It's the practical and economical  solution to satisfy your lubrication requirements.

*Quantity discounts available.

Rigid Magnetic Base Spray Assembly

Remote Operator Station Designed for Easy Access to System Control Functions

F. Filter R. Regulator L. Lubricator 

Indicator Lights

Established: 1985

Manifold Spray AssembliesDesigned for In-Die Applications

Low Lube Indicator and Reservoir Filters with Coupling

Digital Counters Are Utilized when Lubricant is Not Required with Every Stroke of Press

Basic Spray Assemblies