Established: 1985

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Choose from a variety of High Quality Systems 

The most complete and reliable line of spray lubrication systems available since 1984. Featuring 10 standard models that offer:

  1. Precise Metered Lubrication - Capability to control volume, location and timing.
  2. Unique Modular Designs - Allowing easy pump and option expansion.
  3. Increased Die Life - Lubricating critical die areas extends production runs.
  4. Reduced Lubricant Usage - Proper application of die lubricant eliminates waste and improves the pressroom environment.
  5. Increased Productivity - Reducing hear promotes increased press speeds.
  6. Improved Piece Part Quality - Proper lubrication improves part quality and reduces scrap.

Superior performance backed by unsurpassed protection 

FlexSpray's® Limited Lifetime Pump warranty provides you with unsurpassed product protection. Our unique manufacturing process is the key to the extended life and reliable performance of FlexSpray® pumps. The pump cylinder walls and ports are superior to those made with other processes, which dramatically extend the life of vital working components. Combine that protection, FlexSpray's® stainless steel construction, and commitment to customer service, and you get the best-made, best-backed lubricating system on the market!